Is It Time to Change Your Digital Marketing Agency?

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you entrust them to help grow your business in one way or another. Unfortunately, there are times when agencies struggle to understand their client’s needs or simply don’t live up to expectations. This is by no means a complete list, but here are some common warning signs you’re working with an agency who might not be best for you:

Your Agency Isn’t Transparent
A great agency will keep you updated on a regular basis and will keep you in the loop on everything they are doing for your business. They don’t necessarily have to be in touch with you every day, but your agency should be providing you with a phone call, video chat, or email on a regular basis. There should be a huge red flag if they fail to provide digital marketing reports on, at least, a monthly basis.

You Don’t Know Who Is Working on Your Account
You may have met key staff – the owner, account manager, etc – when you had your initial consultation and kickoff meeting, but do you know exactly who is working on your account?

Too frequently, senior talent passes work down to interns, juniors, or other entry-level marketers that should be done by senior talent. This only benefits the agency because they profit at the client’s expense. Inexperienced marketers are cheaper, more vulnerable to making mistakes and taking longer to complete projects [longer to complete = billable hours wasted], which doesn’t benefit the client at all.

If you’re paying top dollar for digital marketing, you should expect top talent working on your campaign. Your account should not be a learning experience for your agency’s inexperienced team. Be sure to ask who will be working on your account. If possible, ask to have a brief meeting with everyone involved.

You Have a Lousy Account Manager
Do you find it difficult to connect with your point of contact because they are always out of the office or in a meeting? Are they usually disorganized, not able to answer questions clearly, or are always coming up with excuses for being behind on deadlines?

If so, you most likely have a lousy account manager being pulled in several directions that can’t balance their workload. Their negligence costs you time, and more importantly, money in the long run.

Your Goals and Deadlines Are Not Being Met
Tying into lousy account management, if your established goals and deadlines are frequently not being met, red flags should be raised.

All too often, agencies establish goals and deadlines that sound amazing when they are initially presented, but they end up failing to deliver. Perhaps they guaranteed to complete a website in 60 days, but ended up taking 120 days because they over-promised.  Maybe they guaranteed sales to increase by 40% after running Google Ads for two weeks and you haven’t seen results anywhere near that after week three.

If your agency constantly fails to meet deadlines and goals, this is a clear indication that they are unable to establish realistic performance metrics, goals, and methodologies. Granted, there are no guarantees in marketing, however, marketing that continuously fails to get results needs to be addressed. If your agency is simply beating a dead horse, kick them to the curb.

You’re Just Not Happy with Your Agency
Sometimes you need to just go with your gut instinct. If you feel that your agency isn’t doing a good job, or maybe you just have a personality clash with your account manager, it might be time to find another agency that is a better fit for you and your needs. 

Exult strives to create greater clarity and trust, establish higher standards of accountability, and to promote transparent business practices. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation to see if we’re a good fit for your business.